Rodgers Fishing Lodge is located at the head of Port Eliza Inlet. On the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Rodgers Fishing Lodge Directions

By Road – Way of the Gold River

We recommend this route for people bringing boats over 22 feet or who do not want to drive 25 miles on a gravel logging road. Proceed up Interstate 5 to Blaine, Washington. Cross the border at Blaine into Canada and proceed to the B.C. ferry terminal at Tsawwassen, where you can catch a ferry to Nanaimo. The ferry ride to Nanaimo is two hours. From Nanaimo, take the Inland Island Highway #19 North.

Continue north to Campbell River. The 140-mile trip from Nanaimo to Gold River should take about three and one half-hours. Turn into the Village of Gold River.

Drive through and continue to the end of the road, where you will find the boat launch within about 50 feet of the Air Nootka on the left-hand side. You will find paid overnight parking supplied by the local native reserve next to the boat launch, or you can park free along the side of the road.

Note: There are gas stations and stores in Gold River, so if you need any last minute supplies be sure to pick them up here. After launching your boat, head north up Muchalat Inlet into Nootka Sound. Go to the east of Bligh Island and then head north up Tahsis Inlet. Turn west into Tahsis Narrows and into Esperanza Inlet. Heading west to Port Eliza Inlet which is the last inlet before the Pacific Ocean. Go north up Port Eliza Inlet.

Our lodge is about one-half mile into the Inlet on the East side just past Eliza Island. (Refer to your charts that we recommend you to get for these areas).

The chart number for Nootka Sound is 3675 and for Esperanza Inlet the chart number is 3676. The GPS coordinates for the Camp are: 49.53.051 and 127.00.573.

Note: Navigate safely. Use your charts and GPS to identify potential hazards. Keep an eye out for rocks, reefs and occasional deadheads during your travels to our lodge.

By Road – Way of the Tahsis

We recommend this route for people bringing boats under 22 feet and who don’t have a problem traveling on gravel logging roads. Follow the directions above to Gold River and then continue past Gold River and over the Gold River Bridge. Turn to the left and follow the signs to Tahsis You will continue down the Tahsis Road where the road turns into a well maintained logging road for the next 62 kilometers, or about 40 miles until you reach Tahsis. Continue through Tahsis to the Government wharf where there is paid parking and a good boat launch. After launching your boat, proceed south about three miles to Tahsis Narrows which will be on the right side of the inlet when you are heading south. The Tahsis Narrows will take you into Esperanza Inlet.

Continue past the Esperanza Fuel Dock and there will be some fish farms on your left. After passing the last fish farm, turn left which will be West, and head toward the Pacific Ocean. Continue heading west to Port Eliza Inlet which will be on the right side of Esperanza Inlet and is the last inlet before the Pacific Ocean. Turn to the right and go north up Port Eliza Inlet. Our resort is about one half mile into the Inlet on the right (East) side just past Eliza Island.

Refer to your charts that we recommend you get for these areas. The chart number for Nootka Sound is 3675. The chart number for Esperanza inlet is 3676. The GPS coordinates for the Camp are: 49.88.417 and 127.00.912.

Note: Be very watchful because there are rocks and a reef very near the resort location. Also, there is a lot of logging in this area, so be careful to look for wood in the water, especially deadheads.

Have a great trip! The scenery is second to none, so don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

Fuel & Ice

We recommend that you fill your boat with gas in Gold River, or Tahsis. However, gas can be purchased along the waterway at the Tahsis Fuel Dock, Esperanza Fuel Dock in Tahsis Narrows, and in Zeballos at the Zeballos Fuel Dock. We will have gas at the camp as well, but supply is limited, so we would ask that you start out with as much fuel as possible upon your arrival.

Also, we recommended that you bring 150 quart Coleman or Igloo coolers in which to store your catch and bring them filled with chipped ice which can be purchased at Campbell River Seafood at 1900 Island Highway, or in Zeballos at the Zeballos Ice plant which can be accessed by boat. We will have ice to top off your coolers also, but again, the supply is limited.

We find that storing your fish in these coolers packed in shaved salted ice has worked very well for our clients over the years. We have guests that fish for up to seven days with us and then travel two days back to their homes and have never heard of one client losing their fish when stored with this method.

Tahsis View Lodge Directions

1044 Princess Victoria View Tahsis, BC V0P 1X0

Tahsis Driving Directions

Vancouver Island can be reached via ferry from Port Angeles, Seattle, Tsawwassen, Vancouver, Powell River and Prince Rupert. Schedule information is available from BC Ferries.

Once on Vancouver Island, follow the Island Highway (Hwy 19) to Campbell River. From Campbell River, it is approximately a 3-hour drive to Tahsis.

At Campbell River, turn west and take Hwy 28 to Gold River. At Gold River, you will see the Travel Info Centre and a large boot sculpture. At this point, just follow the road and watch for the signs directing you to Tahsis.

About three kilometers past the Travel Info Centre, the “Tree to Sea” drive to Tahsis begins. The road is 63.5 kilometers or approximately 40 miles. You should arrive in Tahsis within 60-90 minutes, depending on road conditions.

Tree to Sea Drive

The road from Gold River to Tahsis features waterfalls, rivers, lakes, wildlife-viewing areas, picnic sites and many scenic vistas. The road is 40 miles (about 64 km) of well-maintained gravel road suitable for all vehicles. Four-wheel drive is only required after heavy winter snowfalls.

Bull Lake Summit is the highest point on the road, at 586 metres (1,922 feet). In summer, the road serves as the route for the Great Walk event.

  • Ecotourism stops worth visiting en route include: Cala Falls, Upana Caves, Painted Rock Lookout, Conuma River Hatchery, Moutcha Bay, Head Bay, Three Sisters Waterfall, Malaspina Lake and President’s Tree.
  • Conuma Peak Viewpoint provides a view of 1,481-metre (4,860-feet) Conuma Peak. Look for the “Needles Eye” hole through the peak. A marked trail takes you to the tree line on the mountainside. You can also stop at the Conuma River Estuary Viewpoint, located 2.4 km from the Conuma River Hatchery towards Tahsis.
  • Three Sisters Waterfalls can be viewed from the roadside between Head Bay and Tahsis. The falls originate on Malaspina Peak, falling from a height of 5,200 feet, and are most dominant during the spring runoff. The water flows into the Sucwoa River, thereby enhancing the return of native salmon fish stocks.
  • President’s Tree, also called “The Big Tree,” is a huge Douglas Fir tree over 300 years old, known to many as the Welcome Home mat for people driving to Tahsis. The tree was set aside and dedicated to Tahsis Company president Jack Christensen in 1970.